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Hey Singapore, Shure Just Launched This Revolutionary Microphone!

Shure SM7db

In the world of audio recording, the name Shure resonates with quality and legacy. This reputation is set to be further solidified with the introduction of the SM7dB dynamic vocal microphone in Singapore. Celebrating fifty years since the debut of its iconic SM7 family, Shure has launched this new model, tailored for podcasters, streamers, and vocalists. The SM7dB is not just another microphone; it’s a testament to Shure’s commitment to evolving audio technology while honoring its storied past.

More Than Just a Microphone: The SM7dB Experience

The SM7dB stands out with its built-in active preamp, a feature designed by Shure to revolutionize audio workflows. This addition addresses a common challenge faced by audio professionals and enthusiasts alike: the need for inline amplification. By integrating a phantom-powered preamp, the SM7dB offers a significant boost of +18 or +28 decibels of clean gain. This innovation eliminates the need for a separate preamp, thus reducing the hiss and noise often introduced by audio interfaces.

Simplified Setup, Enhanced Performance

Shure’s new microphone is a boon for users across all experience levels. The additional gain provided by the SM7dB elevates the microphone’s sensitivity, ensuring optimal performance with typical audio interfaces. This means that whether you’re recording, broadcasting, or streaming, your audio will be crystal clear. For those instances where additional gain isn’t necessary, the microphone offers a “bypass” mode, reverting to the original SM7B performance.

Tailored for Clarity and Quality

The SM7dB continues the legacy of the SM7B’s smooth and controlled sound. Its wide-range frequency response is ideal for capturing everything from singing and spoken word to loud sound sources like drums and amplifiers. The microphone also features the same EQ controls as the SM7B, allowing users to fine-tune the bass roll-off and presence boost to suit their recording environment.

Designed for Precision

A key feature of the SM7dB is its cardioid polar pattern, designed to reject off-axis audio. This ensures that your voice is the focus, free from distractions. The microphone also incorporates air suspension shock isolation technology and a pop filter to eliminate unwanted noises and breathiness. Additionally, its advanced electromagnetic shielding combats hum from computer monitors and other audio equipment.

A Legacy Reimagined

Eduardo Valdes, Associate Vice President of Global Marketing & Product Management at Shure, highlights the SM7 microphone family’s rich history. Adopted by top recording and broadcast studios, entertainers, artists, and creators worldwide, the SM7 family has set a high standard in audio quality. The SM7dB builds on this legacy, making it easier to achieve the renowned Shure sound without the need for an additional preamp.

Pricing and Availability

The SM7dB is now available in Singapore, sporting a sleek, black-on-black finish. It can be found at AV One, Connect IT, KrisShop, Swee Lee, Swiftware, and Treoo, retailing for S$799, inclusive of GST. This launch marks a significant milestone for Shure and a fantastic opportunity for audio professionals and enthusiasts to experience top-tier recording quality with a simplified setup.

Shure’s commitment to innovation and quality shines through with the SM7dB, promising to be a valuable tool for anyone serious about audio recording. Whether you’re a podcaster, streamer, or vocalist, the SM7dB is set to elevate your audio experience.