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Behind The Geek

Blog like it's 2007

Welcome to Geekception. Originally started as a YouTube channel, it is well, still a YouTube channel. So what really is the point of this blog? Great question!

Psst. If you can't read all this, I get it - time is short. The lowdown is that this will be a new home to written, curated editorial tech content. Do check back in the future sailor!

“In order to move forward, let’s go back to the very beginning”

A quote I just totally made up

It all started as an idea in the middle of a sleepless night. Rewind back to 2013 and a bright-eyed 21-year-old Emmanuel couldn’t sleep. Yup, lack of sleep – how is that for an origin story?

Moving to Malaysia from Nigeria had been especially hard for me. Back home I was involved in many projects. First as a developer, then writer, then radio host, more writing, personal shopper, etc. When I moved to Kuala Lumpur though, that all changed. Focusing on college meant abandoning all projects and doing only one thing – study.

Catching flights, AND feelings | Doha, 2013.

Doing nothing, especially when you’re exhausted feels great until all you have is nothing to do. This is where I found myself in 2013 and something had to give, and oh did it give.

You’re up to speed, good! Out of that boredom that I felt came the idea that I should do something video-related. Something, something, the rest is history as they say.




Now What?

I most certainly know that I want to incorporate writing again. I also know I want to focus on lesser volume and more quality. In reality though what does this mean exactly? Content, better content, that’s what.

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