Introducing Geekception!

Hi everyone, Emmanuel here and welcome to Geekception’s official website!.

For the past two or so years that Geekception has been active, we have primarily operated exclusively from Youtube. This decision was taken because starting out we understood that starting a channel and running a simultaneously was very tasking.


Yes we do technically have “a blog” but it was mostly automated with no human input except an IFTTT recipe for when a new video gets released.

Well, goodbye to that as now we officially have a new home here on Geekception.TECH. Why the .tech domain you ask?, well the .com was already taken and .tech seemed waaaaaaay cooler anyways.

The plans for this new outlet is to have companion articles for videos that go up on the main channel. Also a little bit of news articles, editorials, featurette, event coverage and generally anything that is interesting in technology at the moment.

We cannot wait for all the new changes moving forward and most especially how you, the viewer/reader both on YouTube and here on the site come along with us on this awesome journey.

Do leave any comments or suggestions you might have as regards to the website and I’ll make sure to reply to each and every one of them.

Thanks and don’t forget to remain awesome!



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